Rita and Simon, May 28th 2011

Update: 11th April 2011. We have added registries at Glassworks and Gifted in Pittsburgh and a registry at Brown Thomas in Dublin.

How do these registries work?  For the registries in Ireland (Kilkenny and Brown Thomas), you purchase an item online.  It is not sent to you, but kept by the store until after the wedding, at which point it will be delivered to us directly.  As regards the registries in Western Pennsylvania, for Cook's Wares and Gifted you have to visit the store in person or phone, while for Glassworks there is also the option of shopping online; for these registries the items may be personally delivered or mailed to Rita's parents' home in Beaver.

Prices in €/US$:  The Irish registries quote prices in euro, although Kilkenny allows purchase in US dollars (see below).  To get an idea of the cost of any item in dollars, a useful currency converter is at xe.com.  As of April 2011, €1 is worth about US$1.40.

Registries in Ireland.  We are registered with the following stores:
  • Kilkenny Design Store. This is one of our favourite Irish stores!  The registry is available online.   To access it, first click here  to access the store's registry website, then enter either of our first and last names in the "Looking to Buy a Wedding Gift" box at the bottom of the page.  For those in Ireland, you may also buy from the list by visiting the store in Nassau Street, Dublin.  A couple of things to note about the Kilkenny registry.  First, many of the images of the items on the registry website are wrong but we have notified the store about this as we cannot change this ourselves.  However, most of the registry is for an Irish potter called Nicholas Mosse and his website here has images of everything that is listed.  Second, for guests in the US, the website allows you to pay for items in US dollars, which we recommend that you do.  Once you have selected an item, click to purchase and then click on the US$ option at the top of the webpage.  The website will convert the price to US$ without tax; before payment it will give you the total price in US$. 
  • The Wedding Shop at Brown Thomas.  The registry is available online and we will be adding more items to it over the next few weeks.  To access it, first click here and enter either of our surnames in the search box (we suggest typing in Rita's as it will certainly be unique on an Irish registry website!).

Registries in Western Pennsylvania
.  We are registered with the following stores:
  • A Cook's Wares.  The registry is available in the store at 85 Third Street in Beaver, phone (724) 775 7915. 
  • Gifted.  The registry is available in the Mount Lebanon store at 1600 Cochran Road, Pittsburgh, phone (412) 341 4438.
  • Glassworks.  The registry is available in the store at 5406 Walnut Street in Pittsburgh, phone (412) 682 5443 or 1800 486 8805 or e-mail glassworks5418@aol.com.  It can be accessed online here. Many of the items on this registry are from Michael Aram, on whose website you can find images of any of his products that we have listed.