Rita and Simon, May 28th 2011


The Bride

The bride with Donegal sheep.
Rita is from Beaver ("Someplace Special"), Pennsylvania and true to her town's motto :), it really is a place that Rita still calls 'home' even after all her time in different places. Rita has studied and lived in Cork and Dublin, Boston, Washington D.C., St. John's, Newfoundland, and for a little bit in Upstate New York. Her love for travel and discovery is reflected in not only the diverse places she has visited and lived, but also in her passion for food and culture. it goes without saying that cheese is probably Rita's favorite food (especially goat's cheeses!) but she also loves Italian (Mario's in Beaver is the best!) and all types of Asian cuisine. 

The Groom

The groom enjoying some food near Haeinsa, Korea
Simon is a professor at Trinity College Dublin. He grew up near Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham in the north-east of England.  Some of his favourite foods are: cochinillo, fish and chips from the Harbour Fish Bar in Amble, Northumberland, yook hwe and Rita's Jambalaya.

How we met

Rita and Simon in the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh.
As is traditional in Ireland, Rita and Simon met in a pub.  This happened on Saint Valentine's Day, we kid you not!  By good fortune, and not knowing anything of Rita's main passion in life, Simon was cooking dinner for some friends the next day and invited Rita along.  Well, the curry must not have been too bad because Rita agreed to meet Simon the next week.  Although Rita left Ireland soon after to work in the US and then study in Newfoundland, the "spice" and "heat" of that first curry was kept alive until we were able to be together again in Ireland.

Where we met: Whelan's pub in Dublin
Inside Whelan's pub