Rita and Simon, May 28th 2011

A céili is a traditional Irish dance and music session.   It is also common in Scotland and anywhere where Irish and Scottish people have emigrated.  Céili dances are designed for groups of dancers, usually in pairs and played to traditional music.  In the days before TV and cinema, it was the main social event of many Irish and Scottish villages and, most importantly, the main place where the single men and women of the village could meet, under the watchful eye of the local priest, of course!

At our céili there will be a band called Arundó and a dance instructor who will teach us all some simple dance moves in an entertaining and lighthearted way.   Arundó will then play and we'll attempt the dance.   In our opinion, the best bit of the céili is the first time that we try a dance and it all ends in complete chaos.  The emphasis is definitely on fun and taking part and not on perfection of dancing technique!  But it is surprising how quickly we will catch on to the dance moves and before long we'll be dancing like professionals.

Wikipedia has an informative page on the history of the céili here.